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Free yourself from the fear!

Anxiety and Panic attacks can be completely disabling, leading to social isolation, loneliness and associated health problems. It can stop us from living a normal, happy and full life.

There is A LOT you can do however, to break the grip of being consumed by anxiety.




Hypnotherapy really can lead to amazing results for people with anxiety, or who suffer with panic attacks.  Comments like “Pull yourself together” isn’t helpful- apart from being extremely patronising, it clearly isn’t that simple. Anxiety management is a carefully planned process, that specially trained Hypnotherapists, like myself,  can resolve.

Take regular exercise.

Exercising regularly can really benefit you when overcoming anxiety/ panic attacks. When anxiety strikes, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Keeping in shape is an important step in reducing stress levels.

Eat well.

Skipping meals, or choosing unhealthy options is counter-productive. Panic attacks and stress can be exhausting, leading to tiredness & low energy reserves.

Take time to talk

Talking things through with a friend can be a great way to understand your emotions.

This also helps to dispel any isolation from the rest of the world that can happen with anxiety.

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