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Overcoming phobias

What are Phobias, and what can I do if i have one?

Phobias, put simply, are anxiety disorders which centre around our natural fear responses to things we may encounter in life.

Often they are triggered by a distressing event in the past, which leads us to create a negative emotional association with the event. This association is usually fear. An example of this would be where a spider landed on a your hand as a young child, and crept up your arm.

You may recall feeling anxious and fearful at the time, and over the years have developed a compulsion to be as far away from spiders as possible. This has lead to a fear of the fear, so you become reluctant to visit places in case you encounter a spider.

While fear is a natural and necessary response to danger, it is important to know that the purpose of fear is to either deal with the danger, or to remove yourself from it (‘fight or flight’). Phobias often stir these responses, where there is little or no actual danger. Once this differentiation is understood, the fear is diminshed, or even removed altogether. Hypnotherapy is a perfect way to allow people to overcome their phobias, by addressing how they react to their perceived fear.

Click here to read the mental health charity Mind’s leaflet on Phobia.

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Hypnotherapy has been proven to help with phobias.

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