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Acute Anxiety and Stress and Panic Attacks

“It was pretty much in sheer desperation that I contacted Derek. I was under a lot of stress (for any number of different reasons) and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I was experiencing constant spiralling, debilitating panic attacks at work and at home and just trying to soldier on through, but when this turned into an inability to swallow (and therefore eat) and the GP diagnosed a severe panic disorder.

I knew that I needed to look at another form of support. My first concerns regarding hypnotherapy were standard – would I be out of control? Would it be embarrassing; could I even be hypnotised; would I be too vulnerable? It turns out that hypnotherapy is like the deepest form of relaxation it is possible to achieve – the actual pain I was experiencing in my head and my neck from a completely stressed-out body dissipated almost immediately.

My fears were completely unfounded – at no point have I felt as though I couldn’t just stop if I wanted to – and I believe that I have discovered a way of helping myself which has been completely life-changing and life-enhancing. I’m fascinated by the power of the mind and how, just by accessing the deeper levels of consciousness, you can effectively re-wire the way you think to a more positive, productive path.

I think, for quite some time I had simply been defining myself by how stressed I was. Life had become a battle to be endured. Hypnotherapy has literally given me the ability to stand back from the whirlwind and the tools I need to reframe the way I approach my life, living in the present and with focus, and protecting my own mental health and well-being.

With Derek’s guidance, we have addressed the anxiety but also self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and even past trauma. My children and my friends have commented that the light has come back on in my eyes. The panic attacks have stopped, I’m able to eat, I’m loving my life and I have a new routine of self-care!

Without wanting to sound too new-age, I have found a new way of being me – and for the first time (possibly ever in my life) I can honestly say I really like and admire the person I am. Thank you Derek. So much!!”

Claudia T, from Coventry, UK

Self Esteem Issues and Low Self confidence

“Derek has a wonderful way with getting to the route of the issue and bringing out the light from within. I can’t thank him enough for giving me a new way of thinking which will last for a lifetime. My life has definitely changed for the better! His audios are so relaxing, he has got a gift – see him for yourself!!”

Jess T, from Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Fear of Heights

“On our first meeting, Derek put me at ease. I felt I could talk to him about my fears without feeling anxious and that he would help me overcome them. His approach gave me confidence in his ability.

I was most impressed in the ease with which he put me under hypnosis, and in the way he stressed a positive approach to my concerns.  My confidence grew with each session.

My ability to use self-hypnosis with the assistance of Derek’s pre-recorded voice was amazing. It helped me greatly and continues to do so. I am now able to relax easily and I no longer worry so much about high places.

I felt totally involved in my own treatment. Derek’s approach has given me the power to overcome my fears on my own. I continue to listen to ‘the voice’ and so feel empowered.

I am delighted that I have already been able to cope with a height that I never thought possible.

It is early days, but I am sure that I have overcome my fear of heights. I know that I have to continue to use all the strategies that I have learnt but my determination to put the fear behind me is all due to Derek’s therapeutic approach. I am most grateful!”

Peter B. from Henley-in-Arden, U.K.

Depression/ anxiety

“I’d like to thank you Derek, for all the help and understanding you have shown me over the last six weeks. I really know that you have helped me to fulfil my new life, a life that I will smile about and enjoy every day. Once again, thank you very much. “

Patricia W. from Stratford Upon Avon, U.K.

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