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Ah oui! Le premier thé anglais! C’est magnifique!! It is I Derek! Your favourite Transformational Hypnotherapist!

This was me in France on holiday, and I had just convinced a young lady who worked there, to let go of her fear of spiders! Getting her to imagine the spider with big boots on each leg unable to creep around and looking so comical!

I know I was on holiday and there to relax, but the caring and sharing part of me, just loves to help and inspire others! It’s what I do and I love it! It was a lot of fun!



So for me, the term ‘Empowerment simply means becoming powerful‘. Building personal empowerment involves reflecting on our personal values, skills and goals and being prepared to adjust our behaviour in order to achieve our goals.

Personal empowerment also means being aware that other people have their own set of values and goals which may be different to ours. Being true to your dreams then becomes of paramount importance!

I can always sense when I am with a client, that lightbulb moment, when they finally realise, that they can change their circumstances and beliefs and find that positive and forward thinking mindset! This is what lights up my soul and makes me forever grateful that I have finally found my calling! 


What do you see here?

Some people may see all the rich vibrant colours of the rainbow and all the passions and purpose and the joys of life! Others all they see are just shades of grey and lost dreams and hope and the banality of life!



How is it that 2 people looking at the same thing can see entirely different scenarios and feel so involved or alienated? We all know about those who see life as an endless joy of exploration and fulfilling experiences.

But for others, life can be a struggle with your inner demons. Stress, Anxiety and low Self Confidence play a big part in how we live our life!

For me, I live to empower anyone to enhance and live their life to the full! It’s my destiny and my life! Please get in touch should you need my help!

I leave you with the words of the great Leonard Nimoy, in the guise of Mr Spock, from Start Trek fame – “Live Long And Prosper!”.