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Empowerment work

Confidence is at the heart of our ability to achieve our goals in life. When doubt and self-limiting beliefs creep in, our inner voice instructs us not to make the changes we really want.

We feel somehow that we don’t deserve a better life, because it’s easier to ‘stick to what we know’.

As an ‘Empowerment Architect’, I can show you how to banish these harmful negative thoughts to ‘EXTRA YOUR ORDINARY

Have you ever watched someone, and become envious (and even a little jealous) about how easygoing and naturally confident they are?

Have you ever been told that you shouldn’t even try to do a task, because ‘you’ll probably mess it up anyway’?

Perhaps you have told yourself that life is unfair, and there’s nothing really that you can do to change it, or that you are stuck in a job you hate, because it’s better than nothing?

If this resonates with you, you may have low self-worth, and low levels of confidence. Most of my therapy involves using evidence based strategies, including mindfulness, CBT and hypnotherapy to reset your personal empowerment levels. I also give you all the tools you will need to overcome any self- doubt and negative mindset programming that you may have endured over many years.

When this happens, there is often a ‘lightbulb’/ epiphany moment, releasing all kinds of emotions. This is because, finally, you realise and accept, perhaps for the first time, that you are not that person anymore, who just accepts ‘their lot’, even if it has made you unhappy for years. You can experience a strong feeling of rebirth or release, from all those blocks to your happiness.

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