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Powerful Public speaking

Public speaking doesn't have to mean standing up in front of hundreds of people to make a presentation. Panic and anxiety can set in when we are asked to speak, even in the most informal of settings.

Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia)

To paraphrase a well known quote by Jerry Seinfeld, fear of speaking in publc is the number 1 fear for people, above death.

Does the thought of speaking in front of people bring you out in a cold sweat?

Do you ever get tongue-tied or trip over your words? You are not alone!

Being able to express yourself clearly and confidently is NOT out of your reach!

I have a proven track record with helping client’s public speaking confidence to shine!


areas where hypnotherapy can help

Here are some areas where Hypotherapy can help

Successful job interviews

Getting your dream job could come down to how you present your personality during an interview.

Best man speeches

Being asked to be ‘Best man’ can be a poisoned chalice- the honour of being asked, tinged with the dread of standing up and making a great speech!

socialising with friends

Public speaking could be as simple as being confident enough to be relaxed when socialising with friends.

Powerful business presentations

Giving presentations with ease in the workplace really is achievable!

“But I don’t want to come across as being ‘cocky’!”

OK, lets differentiate confidence with ‘cockiness’/ arrogance! Being confident with how you feel about yourself and how you speak is NOT the same as being full of yourself!

Confidence is more about valuing yourself- liking who you are, and being able to say what needs to be said. It isn’t about thinking that you are more important than anyone else, or being aggressive; it’s just being able easily to express yourself clearly.

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