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I looked in the mirror, and summoning up all my courage, said to myself — “This is the day I launch myself out into the world!”. No more excuses, no more regrets! This was my moment and I was going to make it count!

It was time to tip the balance in my favour! They often say, time stands still for no man or woman! We are all living and breathing creatures, and as such we are not meant to stop growing. In fact, no living thing on earth is meant to stop growing. We are all alive, reaching for the sun and staking our claim in this world!

Progress in life is all about reinvention and transformation. It’s about deciding to do things differently and implementing those changes!

I remember that eureka moment, when I decided, that from now on, that every problem became an opportunity to do something in a different way. So that I was consciously seeking solutions to previous problems and not giving up!

Reinvention is what allows you endless opportunities to continue exploring new parts of yourself. Exploration is growth, and growth in this sense is not outward facing but inward.

Whenever you find something about yourself you want to change, you need to look for a way to reinvent yourself and transform your beliefs and mindset! Here are a few Instant changes you can make right now, to be the person you crave to be.

1. Visualise yourself being that ideal version of you.

Imagine for instance that you are a sculptor. A sculptor looks at his or her piece of stone and endlessly questions new ways to shape it. And if he or she thinks of something to change, there is no emotional attachment. They just do it. This is how you need to see yourself — as a work of art, always in progress.

My vision, consisted of me getting off my backside and writing out a plan of actions, to get me going in the new direction that led to greater satisfaction!

2. Find the habits associated with the thing you want to change.

Far too often, people focus too much on the thing they want to change instead of the habits that formed the thing in the first place. For example: They try to solve being overweight with doing a lot of ab exercises, without acknowledging that a contributing factor is the problem with their poor diet.

I changed the fact that instead of putting off starting anything, that I took small and decisive steps in writing out a plan of action.

3. Practice every day consistently, no matter what!

Change is not something you do some days and then take a break from other days. Change is a shift in lifestyle. It requires daily dedication, to the point where that new habit takes the place of an old one and no longer requires conscious effort.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! That’s what made a difference to me. Being in the right mindset that’s what produced some definitive results!

4. Set realistic goals.

You can’t just wake up one morning and say, “I’m not going to be impatient anymore!” Yes, you are. And you actually help yourself by acknowledging that a bad habit like that won’t be solved immediately. Don’t make the bigger picture so unobtainable that it impedes taking any actions to move you forward!

So for me I needed to be more visible to get myself noticed! So I started of slowly just writing more articles on hypnotherapy and empowerment. I began to read more avidly and started making videos and recording self help audios!

5. Constantly look at yourself in the mirror.

Things get dangerous when you refuse to stop and really look at yourself — when you avoid self-reflection. There is a time and a place for “go go go” mode, and then there is a time and place for reflection mode. Both are necessary.

I had to ask myself some tough questions when I didn’t get the results I wanted. What could I change to feel better? What was working and how could I do more of that?

6. Surround yourself with people who will honestly tell you the truth.

If everyone around you is telling you “yes,” then you have a serious problem. You need people who are going to challenge and question you. You need people who won’t be afraid to tell you the truth. Tough feedback is essential for personal growth.

I never said I was perfect! In fact who is? But having someone who is at the top of their game give you an insight in how they achieved, is what made the difference for me!

7. It’s not always comfortable but You have to take risks.

You will never become the person you want to be by continuing to be the person you currently are. Growth’s only request is that you step out of your comfort zone. That’s it. And unless you are willing to take that risk, to take that uncomfortable leap into the unknown, you will forever stay exactly where you are.

I am transforming and evolving!

Transformation and reinvention is an art. It is a process. It is not a “quick fix” or an “overnight solution.” It is a deliberate practice, day in and day out, until you realize that who it is you want to be, you already were all along!

I may not be the finished article, but then who is! But I am evolving and transforming into a greater and more powerful version of me! If I can do it then anyone can!!