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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a country called Great Britain. Sometimes it was also known as The United Kingdom! Everyone there frolicked around in the grass, skipping and humming a happy tune!!

Jumping back to reality, this United Kingdom has never been so divided as it is now!! Scotland, my ain folk, and Wales want independence, and what is wrong with that I ask? Is having a separate identity and independence a bad thing?

As for Great Britain, sometimes it beggars belief as to what is Great about it?

With all the injustices that are happening, it makes you cry out for more fairness and compassion and someone who listens!

Ok I can hear you say that at least we are not under some dictatorship, ruled by someone who has their own agenda and power trip!! Remind you of someone?

So what is wrong with standing out from the norm? What is wrong with determining your own future and your own country, without going cap in hand to the neanderthals at Westminster, who most of the time sound like bleating 5 year olds?

As for Brexit, well there’s the rub! The so called Federal State of Europe, or the European Union as it’s known by, has such a fear of anyone leaving the club! At least in one way “The UK” has shown that is has had enough of being told by Europe what it can and can’t do!

What is wrong with being Separate and Standing Out?

Being someone who stands out, or who has qualities that attract and affect others, in a positive and empowering way is something to be admired and encouraged! Where would we be if we were just a clone of each other, all doing and reacting to things in the same way?

I often used to measure my self-worth and my status by comparing myself to others. But that was where the madness lies, because in your own mind you never measure up! When will I get the new car or the new house or the new love of my life, etc?

But there are ways to bring out your individuality and power. Here we examine some of them.

1 Focus on what you want

We create our reality by focusing on what we want — not on what we don’t want.

When you focus on what you don’t want — lack of money, an unhealthy relationship, having no job, etc, guess what happens? You’ll attract those same things you don’t want.

Because the Universe gives you what you’re focusing on — whatever that is.

So, shift your attention and your energy to a higher vibration by focusing on the things you DO want: abundance, lots of money, an amazing relationship, your dream job or business, travel to amazing places, etc.

2- Stay in a place of joy

As we say no to the things we don’t want or like, we have to start saying yes to the things that sparkle our soul.

The things and people and situations that make us feel great, happy, joyful! you feel that way because they’re aligned to your true self.

Unfortunately, many people tend do believe they can only feel that way on weekends , holidays or on specific situations, when feeling this way should be the normal of everyday life!

3- Let go of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are those beliefs that are not aligned with your true self.

For example, let’s say you have your own business and want to make lots of money from it and have lots of freedom and joy at the same time. But, your parents belief was that money only comes from hard work, sacrifice and exhaustion.

You grew up with those beliefs, so maybe you feel bad by making money easily and joyfully.

The thing is, those beliefs are not yours. You acquired them by living in that environment, but because you want other things they make you feel bad. But you lived so many years with them that they became “normal”.

Trust in your power to make the changes that are right for you and that propel you forward into the life you desire and the life you want to lead!

So are we a United Kingdom and do we belong to a Great Britain? Well I think the jury is out on that one! But being an individual, be that as a single person or a country, should not be feared or discouraged. Long live diversity!!